January stories are live! Submissions are open!

With apologies for our temporary unplanned hiatus, we’re back with two new stories for you this month: “Wipeout” by Steve DuBois and “Passengers” by C. E. McGill.

C. E. McGill is a writer of words, drinker of tea, parent of cats, and lowly undergraduate at North Carolina State University. You can find more of their work (and more importantly, cat pictures) at @C_E_McGill or c-e-mcgill.tumblr.com.

Steve DuBois is a high school teacher and debate coach from Kansas City and the author of over a dozen professionally published short stories.  For more of his work, visit www.stevedubois.net.

And finally, submissions are open until the end of February, so plenty of time to send something in if you haven’t already.